HVLE's locomotive fleet is among the most modern in the industry. Our locomotives are state of the art and thereby guarantee the efficient use of resources.


Dirk Brandenburg
Head of Fleet Management

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AnzahlLoktypFabrikat | BaureiheVmaxBremsgewichtEigengewichtLeistungTankLüp
10159Stadler EuroDual (Diesel)12014512212328003807350023.02
Stadler EuroDual (Elektro)1201451221236200
3V 490Voith Maxima 40 CC Kiel12014211612636004900720023.2
2V 400Voith Maxima 30 CC Kiel12014211612627503739720023.2
8V 330Bombardier Blue Tiger Kassel12014212712624603300540023.41
3E 185Bombardier BR TRAXX 18514090778556007600elektr.19.9
4V 285Bombardier BR TRAXX 28514090778022003000500018.9
2V 246Bombardier BR TRAXX 24616087718022003000500018.9
3V 295.6MaK BR 2958065528014341950350014.4
8V 160LEW BR 203 Hennigsdorf10060506811751600250015.0
7V60LEW BR 346 Hennigsdorf60564560478650200010.0
1Lok 1KHD KG 230 B46--362022756508.03
1V 22Lokbau Babelsberg Postdam352518241622204006.94